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Discover Baby I.C.E. 

 Emergency ID 'Info On The Go' 

The Baby I.C.E. Personal Emergency ID Tag

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The Baby I.C.E. Company, a pioneer in innovative solutions for personal identification, is thrilled to announce the launch of their groundbreaking product, the Baby I.C.E. At The Baby I.C.E. Company, we understand the importance of your little ones' safety. That's why the The Baby I.C.E. personal ID Tag goes above and beyond to ensure your child or toddler's emergency contact information is readily available for Emergency responders. With just a quick scan, vital details are available even when you can't speak for them.

Meet Steve  our Creator 

and Baby ICE .jpeg

 Steve Kelly (right) is the creator of The Baby ICE. He created Baby ICE for his grandson in the photo seeing the need for an emergency ID for first responders. 

We are so happy to introduce you to our new ambassador 'Baby ICE' Center the inspiration for this product. 

The Baby ICE was utilized on April 1st 2024, at a accident in Florida where first responders could take a photo of the QR Code and get in touch with family members to come and help the children


This exciting innovation by Steve Kelly is The Baby I.C.E. Now that police and first responders can't open our phones to call family members. The Baby I.C.E. is cutting-edge identification technology that aims to redefine the future of security and efficiency. As the creator of Baby I.C.E.,  Steve has pushed the boundaries to go beyond what is currently available, ensuring that this technology stands at the forefront of innovation.

By choosing Baby I.C.E., you can be part of the ID revolution today. Visit and be one of the first to experience the future of identification technology. With Baby I.C.E., you can enjoy a seamless and secure identification process that will make your life easier.

Don't wait any longer to be part of the future. Join the ID revolution today and be ahead of the game. Trust me, you'll thank yourself later for making this decision.

The Baby I.C.E. attached to a carseat
Baby ICE Memorial Day  Sale

The Baby I.C.E.

Info On The Go
Personal Emergency ID Tag for your Child

Investing in your child's safety shouldn't break the bank. With The Baby I.C.E.,  you can have peace of mind at an affordable price. Don't compromise on your child's safety - choose Baby I.C.E. today.

The Baby I.C.E. 
3 Tags for $14.95 
Save 20% Memorial Day Sale 
Give your favorite the gift of knowing their child is safe with Baby I.C.E.


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The Baby I.C.E. Emergency Personal ID Tag

3 Key Features of The Baby I.C.E. 


  1. Static QR Code: The Baby I.C.E.  features a static QR code with touchless authentication while maintaining the highest level of security. The data is destroyed after encryption, so there is no database or chance of a data breach. 


  1. Secure Encryption: Personalization meets innovation. The Baby I.C.E. ID Tag employs cutting-edge encryption techniques to safeguard user information, providing peace of mind in an age where data privacy is of utmost concern, and seamlessly integrates your 2D ID with your smart devices.


  1. Safety Focused and Community Minded: Keeping Your Child's Safety in Mind is our mission. Plus, with our partnership with, every purchase helps families in need.


The Baby I.C.E. Company is committed to pushing the boundaries of identification technology, and The Baby I.C.E. is a testament to that dedication. As we step into a future where security and efficiency go hand in hand, The Baby I.C.E.  stands at the forefront of innovation. Ready to join the ID revolution? Head over to and be one of the first to snag your

Baby I.C.E Your future self will thank you.

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